Vegetables Top 10 List

This post is what we call “preaching to the choir.”  But here is a top ten list of why you should eat your vegetables. 10.Color and Texture. Fruits and vegetables add color and texture to your plate. 9.Convenience. Nutritious in any form —fresh, frozen,canned, dried and 100%juice. 8.Fiber Fruits and vegetables provide fiberthat helps fillContinue reading “Vegetables Top 10 List”

Operation High Tunnel 2013

So what’s been happening at the farm this winter? Sometimes people think that we get to relax in the winter – and that’s kind of true because Ryan stops working 14+ hours each day.  But don’t worry, we make sure to talk about growing vegetables each and every day, even in the winter. Our biggestContinue reading “Operation High Tunnel 2013”