Lots of Action!

Oh my goodness, there has been a lot of action on the farm lately.  Remember last year when it turned 80 degrees in March?  Well, this year its been very cold – not to mention rain and hail!  Luckily we have not had crops outside during April to deal with hail.


Since May 3, we’ve been seeding, transplanting, learning to use new equipment and prepping land.  So starting today, we will try to post every Wednesday and Friday about what’s happening on the farm.


Our biggest accomplishment has been on the high tunnel.  We had a goal of completion by April 1, but it ended up being May 2 before we got plants in.


The 1st high tunnel has been yielding a great harvest.  We’ve had radishes and red romaine lettuce.  Its so exciting to have fresh vegetables again 🙂

DSCN0468       DSCN0472

With so much happening, you can be sure that you will see the produce soon!



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