Week 13 of the Pekarek’s Produce CSA 2013

Dobry Den!

Its good to be back to the CSA Newsletter.  This week you will get the week 11 and 13 newsletter all in one bag!  Don’t ask what happened to the rest of the newsletters. 🙂


This week, as normal has been a little crazy.  With school officially in full swing, we are working with a smaller crew to accomplish everything.  We continue to do our daily harvesting activities – including some of the best tasting sweet corn you can get!  We’ve recently been asked what machine we use to pick our sweet corn – well that’s Ryan (and crew).


We’ve also been enjoying a great harvest of cantaloupe and watermelon this year.  Although cantaloupe prefers even drier and hotter weather, they’ve been growing like gang busters.


Some of you may not be aware that we do have vegetables available at special pricing for those of you who may be interested in canning, pickling or other bulk orders.

Your Farmers,

Ryan and Katie


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