Week 14 of the Pekarek’s Produce CSA

Dobry Den!


While we’ve all been sweating it out in the last few weeks, the tomatoes, peppers and cantaloupe have been growing like gangbusters!  On Monday alone we picked around 1400 pounds of tomatoes…  Did you all know that we sell canning tomatoes? Give us a call and place your order today! 🙂

It’s strange to think that it is September now, kids are back to school and it will soon be time to turn to fall crops.  We are as excited as little children when we check on our winter squash and pumpkins and are happy to report that they are coming along well for fall.  We’ve tried a new variety of butternut squash that is a little bit smaller and is sure to please.


We are also happy to report that the sweet potatoes are sizing up nicely and should make a nice crop this year.  As usual, the Beauregard variety of sweet potato will be making an appearance on the Farmer’s Market stands, as will a new variety for our farm: Evangeline.


The greenhouse is progressing as we look forward to winter strawberries this year.  The next eight to twelve weeks hold some great promise for produce!


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