The High Tunnel is Up!!!

Remember these pretty frames from over by Omaha?  Well we’ve made something of one of them.


During our set of nice days, before the rain and snow, we got this tunnel completed!2015 No 6 tunnel Garage doors3

We had some great help putting up garage doors and walk in doors.

2015 No 6 tunnel Garage doors 2015 No 6 tunnel Garage doors2

Here we are putting on the roll down sides.  They work like a charm and can passively regulate temperature in the building.

2015 No 6 tunnel 2015 No 6 tunnel6

Some tips and tricks of the trade we like to make you try to figure out yourselves.  So I’ll let you just guess what Ryan is working on here.

2015 No 6 tunnel4

Putting up the endwall plastic and covering the building with plastic requires the most bodies on site.  There was about a 2-5 mph wind the day we pulled plastic over the tunnel and the picture shows how Laura and I are flying a giant plastic kite! Thanks to Miss Margret for taking this pic.

2015 No 6 tunnel3  2015 No 6 tunnel2

Snow Happens…

So wouldn’t you know it, the weather was nice a sunny…  We had 60s. We had 70s.  We even had some 80s.  So we got excited on the farm.  We started planting in the greenhouse.

20110311 Filling Trays

We’ve got the benches full of transplants.

20150311 Broccoli

We finished putting up a high tunnel.

We got started on two more tunnels.  Ryan even planted radishes – and now: SNOW!

20150326 Snow

Hopefully we’ll catch you all on the sunny side soon!

CSA Signups are open!! Get your weekly supply of veggies.

I hope you are as excited as we are…it’s time to sign up for your weekly bag of vegetables!

If you ate your veggies as part of the 2012/2013/2014 CSA, you should already have received a flyer and signup sheet in the mail.  If you are new or looking for a different way to sign up, you can:

  • print the signup sheet (2015 PekareksProduceCSA Trifold_r0) and mail it to Pekarek’s Produce,
  • call Ryan (402-641-3305) to request a signup sheet be mailed to your address,
  • pick up a flyer at several local businesses in Seward, or
  • email to make a request.

We’d love to talk to you, so if you have any questions feel free to call or stop by the farm.  Hope to hear from you soon!

2015 PekareksProduceCSA Trifold_r0_Page_1

2015 PekareksProduceCSA Trifold_r0_Page_2

High Tunnels


Some of you will recall from last year, that one of our late fall activities included tearing down a couple of greenhouses near Bennington.  This was some sort of crazy adventure where we thought, “Yes.  I do believe I would like to go into a weedy field, traipse around in the mud, crawl on loaders and use bobcats to ‘gently’ tear down some greenhouse frames.”  This was a labor of love.


Concrete poured on high tunnel posts.

We did get all of the frames taken down and brought home.  We currently  have the large frame up and have been waiting to get it skinned.  The weather has to be right when you put plastic on.  If it is too windy, you will never get it to lay down right.  If it is to cold, the plastic will be shrunk.  This means that on the first warm day, the plastic will loosen and we would have a floppy greenhouse.  We can’t have that!


Hopefully, we will put up the two smaller tunnels soon too!

Filling the Greenhouse

It is a wonderful reprieve to have such wonderful weather in March.  I think we’ve all been waiting to break out of the cold snap and it’s really made us productive during the last week.  The entire family participated in filling up much of the greenhouse.  It all started with a soil delivery that came in February.


We had a few things planted before this week, so the greenhouse looked like this.  The pots in the middle are not planted yet, but are scheduled to have tomatoes and cucumbers in them shortly.

20110310 Empty Greenhouse

The entire family worked to fill trays with soil.

20110311 Seeding  20110311 Filling Trays2

We seeded them…


Then we covered them with soil before watering.

20110311 Filling Trays

At the end of it all, the greenhouse was starting to get full.

20110311 Full Greenhouse

These little seedlings will grow in the greenhouse until we are ready to plant them in the field.  By the time they are ready, they should look more like this.


It’s Growing Season…

Hello folks,

It is once again growing season at Pekarek’s Produce.

20110310 Cabbage

I always laugh when people ask what we do in the winter.  The first thing we do is take a big deep breath!  Then we start getting ready for the next year.  We order seed, which is a process that takes a few weeks.  Ryan gets 10-15 catalogs in the mail, but really only orders from 3 or 4 different places.  We order our sweet potato slips from down south because you know they know how to grow sweet potatoes in the south! We order onions and potatoes, we order trays to plant seeds in for the greenhouse, we order soil to put in the trays.


We try to get everything fixed up on the farm.  We take delivery vehicles into the shop, tighten up bolts, and make sure everything is in working order. We go to farm sales!  We watch farm sales online.  We buy new equipment, tear old equipment apart, make hybrid equipment by splicing new and old together:)

Potato Planter_ 0308

And while all this is necessary and helpful, it’s time to be outside again! We have a high tunnel frame that needs to get “skinned” – meaning it needs some plastic.  Ryan is working on fixing the roll up sides on a high tunnel.  But most of all, it’s time to get GROWING.

20150311 Broccoli