New Lincoln CSA Drop Location!! Schillingbridge Cork and Tap

We are excited to announce our 2015 Lincoln CSA pickup location will be at Schillingbridge Cork and Tap!  Don’t know what a CSA is?  Visit our CSA blog post here or look at our flyer.


Schillingbridge Cork and Tap is going to be an amazing partner to work with.  They have a great menu and amazing drink selections.  Look at this beautiful patio they have – if you sign up for a weekly bag of vegetables from Pekarek’s Produce for this year in Lincoln, you will pick up your vegetables here.


So, how do you sign up for a weekly bag of vegetables?

  • print the signup sheet (2015 PekareksProduceCSA Trifold_r0) and mail it to Pekarek’s Produce,
  • call Ryan (402-641-3305) to request a signup sheet be mailed to your address,
  • pick up a flyer at several local businesses in Seward, or
  • email to make a request.

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