An empty greenhouse

The greenhouse is feeling a little empty since we planted lettuce.  The tomatoes and cucumbers are growing nicely down the center, but the benches are awfully empty.


Luckily, Ryan and crew are hard at work preparing to fill those benches back up.  Margret counts trays and prepares labels while Ryan fills them with soil.  Soon we will be seeding the greenhouse and hopefully every nook and cranny will be full.

Can’t wait to show you what it looks like when it gets full!


Planting Lettuce

The greenhouse looks a little empty right now.  We had a relatively small amount of plants in there and today, we planted 31 trays of lettuce or approximately 2100 plants.


We planted multiple varieties.  First we moved them out of the greenhouse onto hayracks. We gave everyone a drink of water – yes, at Pekarek’s Produce, plants are people too 🙂


Then we went into the high tunnel. Ryan had it worked up so the ground was nice and soft.  We put in the first set of plants where I “dropped” plants and he planted.  After that we had to split, since it is very important to get water to the newly planted lettuce.


I took my turn dropping and planting while Ryan made sure each plant was getting water. He pulled drip tape and turned on water.


It’s not all serious around here, so we make sure to enjoy ourselves.

At the end of the day, we had a beautiful high tunnel full of happy lettuce plants. We left a couple of rows in the middle of the lettuce that will become cucumbers in a couple of months, but leave us a place to walk for now.


When you seed plants, there is some great joy in watching them pop up, but there is also some worry as you aren’t exactly sure what will work and what won’t. One of my favorite things about transplanting is the instant gratification.  What a pretty building we had at the end of a nice day of work transplanting.


Thanks to our photographer/crew today.


New in 2016 – Nebraska Heart Institute CSA Pick Up Location

Nebraska Heart Institute in Lincoln is our newest Pekarek’s Produce CSA pick up location!


This is exciting news!  New in 2016, Pekarek’s Produce will be offering a south Lincoln CSA pick up location.  Pekarek’s Produce has partnered with CHI Health to offer you the opportunity to participate in a community supported agriculture (CSA) program on the south side of Lincoln.


Each week, we invite you to receive fresh, seasonal, flavorful, healthful vegetables. We select vegetable varieties for their taste, raise them under the best possible conditions, pick them at the peak of ripeness, and carefully wash and pack them for you.

Here are examples of boxes our members might receive during different times of the year (Full Share). Contents of the boxes will vary week to week:



Announcing the 2016 Pekarek’s Produce CSA

We are excited here at Pekarek’s Produce to announce the 2016 CSA! Pekarek’s Produce invites you to receive fresh, seasonal, flavorful, healthful vegetables.  We select vegetable varieties for their taste, raise them under the best possible conditions, pick them at the peak of ripeness, and carefully wash and pack them for you.

2015 wk 9

Pekarek’s Produce CSA involves pre-payment for a full share ($22.00 per week) or a partial share ($13.00 per week) of produce. Each week, June 1 through September 28, we throw in a few extra dollars worth of extra produce over the regular retail price, so you get a fantastic value for what you pay.



This year we will be offering four pick up locations on Wednesdays:

  1. On the Farm (after 1 pm)
  2. Winter Wonderland in Seward, NE (4-7 pm)
  3. Schillingbridge Cork & Tap – Fallbrook Neighborhood in Lincoln (4-7 pm)
  4. Nebraska Heart Institute—South Lincoln (4-7 pm)


Choose between two share sizes to receive in your deliveries. Our full share size typically contains  a variety of vegetables similar to those in the sample boxes. The partial share will have half the vegetables found in the full share.


Full Share—$400

Partial Share—$240

2015 PP Tour2

2015 Pekarek’s Produce CSA Members take a Hayrack Ride during a farm tour



Fill out the Membership Form, complete with your information and mail with your payment to Pekarek’s Produce, 2447 Road ‘O’, Dwight, NE 68635.

Want to pay electronically?   Go to  If it is your first time, enter your phone number on the front screen.  The next screen will ask for your information.  Once you are signed up, you will be taken to a screen called “Send Money” Type in “Ryan Pekarek” then use the phone number 402-641-3305.Type in the amount ($240 or $400) and the date.  In the “For” box, type in CSA Payment.