Week 13 – Pekarek’s Produce Weekly Vegetable Subscription

Hello folks,

It’s still a little wet around here, and that’s a good thing.  Last week we cleaned out the high tunnels and prepped them for new crops.  This week we’ve been able to go back in and plant them with orange, white, and purple carrots, broccoli and cucumbers.


Small Carrots



Sometimes it sounds like its all peaches and cream  (or watermelon and tomatoes) on the farm, but the work and the hours are getting a little long.  Ryan and crew are out at dawn and that part is pretty nice – its quiet, cool and calm.  But, whoever invented lights for a tractor should be shot!  When the crew leaves in the afternoon, Ryan goes back out until the lights on the tractor aren’t bright enough for him to see what he is doing… Last night he was trying take care of weeds in the potato field!



Potato Field


Cauliflower is still looking good, but has a few weeks to go.  Broccoli harvest will likely start in the next week to ten days.  This good stuff will make its way to the CSA, markets, schools, and grocery stores. We’ve still got lots of tomatoes coming along out in the field and it is a beautiful year for a pepper harvest. Watermelons are growing like gangbusters too!  The yellow watermelons are absolutely delicious – and a little fun.


Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon


This week you will get the sweetest red and yellow peppers you’ve ever tasted.  We recommend just taking a bite out of them like an apple!  Alternatively they fry up beautifully with an onion.  You will also be receiving some basil in this week’s CSA.  This is our first year growing basil and it looks like a great crop.  I’ve been drying down my basil in the oven so I can have some for winter.  Not sure how to use it? Try the classic tomato-basil combination with some fresh mozzarella, or throw some fresh basil on your pizza.  And of course you can infuse your favorite oil with basil.





Your Farmers,

Ryan, Katie, and Crew


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